March 30, 2010

Leadership Roudtable

If I could sit down around a table with 10 other leaders for a day of discussion & learning, these are the people I would invite (& who would accept the invitation because this is hypothetical). I've also linked to their blog, twitter, or Facebook page so that you can check them out further.

1) Andy Stanley
Anybody who knows me, knew this name would be at the top or near the top of the list. His leadership and developing of other leaders has been highly influential in my life & ministry.

2) Roger Glidewell
My friend & mentor Roger Glidewell has forgotten more about ministry than many of us will ever learn. I've known him for over 10 years, & I still learn fresh insights from him everytime we talk.

3) Ben Arment
Ben is a young leader who God is using to do some really cool stuff. He's got a new book on the way called "Church In The Making". Would love to spend a couple of hours downloading some stuff from him.

4) Anne Jackson
Anne is real, sometimes uncomfortably real, with her readers, but that's what makes her compelling. She doesn't just deal in platitudes; she's firmly planted in the real world.

5) Michael Hyatt
Michael is the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing & an uber-blogger. The man is loaded with wisdom, & I'd love to have some of it rub off on me.

6) Perry Noble
Perry brings a fresh, fiery edge to the contemporary church leadership landscape. He asks hard questions & isn't afraid to give his opinion.

7) Truett Cathy
Not only could Truett Cathy give us all insight on how to lead with integrity, even when it doesn't make sense in the market, he could also provide lunch. And I'm always up for some Chick-fil-a.

8) Carla Sanderson
Carla is the Provost of Union University in Jackson, TN, & she's like family to me. She understands leadership like few people I've been around. Union would not be what it has become today without her leadership.

9) Rick Warren
Rick has been criticized over & over from people on the left & the right, yet he keeps moving right along. He's also stated that he's devoting the second half of his ministry to developing future leaders of the church. How can any of us argue with a goal like that?

10) John David Mangrum
It's most likely that you have no idea who this guy is...yet. I met John David about a year ago in preparation to work with church plants in Greenville, SC. J.D. & his wife Natalie picked up & moved to Greenville to start Origins Church in order to reach downtown Greenville. They pretty much knew no one & on top of that, they were expecting their first child. Last summer some students & I spent a week working with J.D., & I was really struck by his humble leadership & his vision to reach downtown.

As I was making the list, I realized how hard it was to keep it to 10 & keep it somewhat diverse. Who would you like to spend a day with, sitting around a table & learning from one another?

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