March 17, 2010

Dear Southern Baptists...Part 3

Here's the deal, most denominations are, but especially the SBC is in desperate need of new blood in leadership. Sadly, there is still a "good ole boy" system in a lot of the SBC. The result is twofold: young leaders check out altogether from the denomination (the funny thing is that many of these young leaders are doing some great stuff in a non-denominational setting) or the young leaders lash out at the establishment which of course leads to a backlash from the establishment.

This shouldn't surprise us. Young leaders, by nature, challenge the status quo. It's part of their DNA, & there is nothing wrong with it. However, if these young leaders haven't been trained in how to channel that energy, it can become destructive. This is where the older, more seasoned leaders in the SBC (church & denominational level) need to invest in these young leaders. In recent years, there have been some steps taken in this direction but not nearly enough. There are some amazing young leaders in the SBC who are beginning to get some attention like Matt Chandler & David Platt, but there are more out there, & they need to be brought into the rethinking of how the convention is going to function in this new, potentially post-denominational, world. The old ways of thinking are probably not going to work in this new era.

Let's keep pushing the envelope in this area. Young leaders, don't check out; don't lash out. Instead, let's find some constructive ways to enter the dialogue & to initiate change. It's time to change the game.

Who are other great young leaders in the SBC that are flying under the radar but who need to be recognized & need to get into the mix of what's going on in the SBC?

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