March 10, 2010

10 Things About Audrey

Well Sunday was Julia's 4th birthday, and today is Audrey's 2nd birthday. As you can imagine, the last few days have been a party (especially with grandparents in town to spoil the girls). Here are a few things about the latest member of the terrible two crew.

10) Audrey is tough. You might not know to look at her, but she doesn't let big sister push her around. There have been times when Valerie had to hold her after an accidental fall b/c she knew that Audrey would go punch Julia for accidentally knocking her down.
9) Audrey loves spicy food. I'm serious, I've watched her eat salsa out of her bare hand, no chips, just a handful of salsa.
8) Audrey loves going outside but hates getting "outside" on her hands. If she falls in the grass & gets a little dirt or leaves or grass on her hands, it's as if she's paralyzed. She'll just sit there until somebody helps her up & cleans her hands
7) Audrey has no fear. I'm sure most of this is that she watches her older sister, who was a big coward at Audrey's age, & thinks she can do whatever Julia does, & for the most part she does. She'll climb up on stuff & jump off, hoping someone will catch her, or she may just dive head first off of the couch just for the fun of it.
6) Audrey is funny. By that I mean she intentionally does things for a laugh. She's not funny by accident. She works on it. Anybody who knows Valerie knows that Audrey definitely got her sense of humor from Valerie (and to those who don't know Valerie, that was sarcasm).
5) Audrey loves her sister. Not only does she copy everything Julia does, but when we pick her up from the nursery at church, she couldn't care less about seeing us. The first thing out of her mouth every week is "JuJu"; then she takes off down the hall toward Julia's classroom.
4) Audrey actually sleeps in her bed all night, in the dark. This is a big deal because Julia still hasn't mastered this.
3) Audrey is great at hiding. She will find a place to hide, & then get really quiet, like you could be standing within a few feet & you might not realize she's there.
2) Audrey can count. She doesn't know she can count, but she always knows exactly how many pacifiers she goes to bed with & if at any point, one is unaccounted for she alerts me so that I can find it for her. That doesn't get annoying at 4am at all.
1) Audrey loves music. Of course, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus is big with her, but just a couple of weeks ago, she was standing on my bed holding a tiny toy guitar that goes with a Hannah Montana doll pretending to play while some Eric Clapton was playing on my Ipod/alarm clock. My dad & my friends would be proud!

Happy Birthday Audrey!

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