March 18, 2010

Dear Southern Baptists...Part 4

One final thought for my partners in crime in the SBC; it's simple: Work Together. I'm not just talking about supporting the Cooperative Program. I'm talking about truly working together & supporting one another & the work God is doing in our ministries. Can I ask a question: "Why are we willing to support ministry in Africa or some other faraway place, but we won't support the ministry across town?" Why is it so hard for church planters to get local support in most places? While I've seen some places that are extremely open to church planters, I also know that in a lot of places, they're seen as competition. I personally know a planter who couldn't even get meetings with local pastors to share his vision. When will we realize there are more than enough lost people for all of our churches and then some? When will we realize that we can accomplish far more together than on our own?

Perhaps the reason so many of our churches have stopped growing is because we're too worried about protecting our turf instead of looking to take new ground. Churches should definitely seek God's leadership for their individual congregations, but shouldn't leaders also seek God's leadership as to how they can work together on some things to impact their communities? Shouldn't they also work together to see how they can really support & help one another in ministry? We should work together to complete one another rather than compete with one another. When we stop playing defense against other churches & ministries & collectively go on the offensive to advance the Gospel, we'll see an awakening like none of us have ever seen.


Pastor Waldo said...

Matt excellent and constructive posts on the SBC. I agree, let's work together and do what we do best such as mission work. Let's make the ministry work and continue to serve Christ where He our hearts.

Matt said...

Thanks Waldo,

It's easy to take cheap shots at the denomination or any denomination for that matter. They all have issues. The key to me is to ask serious questions, focus on the primary things, & work to continue the positive trends that are happening. Anyone can take shots. We need to be asking tough questions & working together for answers instead.