February 2, 2010


After Jethro said that Moses should be looking for "capable men," he encouraged Moses to seek out men who "fear God." What do we know about fearing God? First of all, let's just go ahead & get it out there that it's not about being scared of God. The Bible defines the fear of God as "the beginning of wisdom." Wisdom is the second key component to our Leadership Quotient.

Godly Leaders Cultivate Their Own Wisdom & Collect The Wisdom Of Others.

Whether you're looking for potential leaders for your team or if you're looking for an opportunity to be a part of another leader's team, wisdom is key. How do you cultivate your own wisdom? That's simple, go read Psalm 119. That entire psalm is a praise to God about the greatness of His word. In verses 97-105, we learn that amazing wisdom is within our grasp if we will meditate on & obey God's word. In fact, we can have wisdom that blows away our elders & teachers. I've written more about that HERE. So leaders need to be people who are cultivating their own wisdom by seeking out & obeying the wisdom of God. Leaders also collect the wisdom of others. The wisest man who ever lived, Solomon, had more to say about seeking godly, wise counsel than anyone. Maybe that's why he was the wisest man around. Leaders understand that they don't have all the answers. They recognize their limitations & seek out others who can speak wisdom into the situation. Wisdom is a priceless quality that we must look for in the leaders we surround ourselves with.

Talent is the starting point in leadership. You've got to be capable, but that's not enough. Andy Stanley writes, "Your talent & giftedness as a leader has the potential to take you farther than your character can sustain you." Cultivating & collecting wisdom is the beginning of growing your character so that it can sustain you as your talent propels you.

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Pastor Waldo said...

Excellent thoughts Matt. We need to reconginze what we can learn from Godly leaders. As Godly leaders we need to teach other leaders how to grow.