May 12, 2009

Got Wisdom?-Part 2

If wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age, then we don't have to wait around for years to get it, right? Technically that's true, but many of us still choose to take the long route to wisdom. It may be closer to the truth to say that many of us choose to take the long route that we think leads to wisdom when in fact, it leads us in circles.

The wisdom & understanding that is written about in Psalm 119 is a wisdom that comes from action, specifically the action of obeying the word of God. Did you catch that? It comes from obeying God's word. If you're like me, sometimes you fool yourself into thinking you're wise because you know so much of God's word. However, God draws a clear line in the sand. Obeying is the key to wisdom. In fact, knowing a lot of God's word can actually be a gateway to sin because to know what God would have you do & to not do it is sin.

Knowledge of God's word without obedience to God's word is not only foolish; it is sin. That's convicting to me. What about to the rest of us?

Don't take the path that leads you in circles or the path that takes you 30 years to gain wisdom. Instead choose today to obey God's word to us, & you'll be a little wiser than you were yesterday. It may not seem like much but compound that over decades, & you will be amazed & where God leads you & how God uses you.

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