February 25, 2010

Three Questions

Integrity is essential to being a leader. The path to influence is paved with integrity. Integrity is what ultimately inspires people to give you influence in their life that goes beyond simply having a position of power over them. It has to be a priority for leaders. I love what Perry Noble says, "If we don't make integrity an issue, one day it will be an issue." Here are three questions to ask to see how you're doing?

Am I More Loyal To God Or Myself?
Integrity means being unified or whole. That means we cannot have divided loyalties. Unfortunately, the two biggest things that threaten a leader's loyalty to God are himself & the mission to which God has call him. God is bigger than your calling or vision. You must remain faithful to God even if it means your vision has to be slowed down or put on hold for a while.

Where Am I Pretending?
Hypocrisy is practically synonymous with a lack of integrity. A leader has to take a hard look in the mirror & ask, "Am I the same no matter who is around?" Better yet, why not ask the people you live with. Warning: you probably won't be very comfortable with their answers. Leaders who lack integrity due to their hypocrisy live in fear, but those who live consistent lives don't have the fear of being found out because there is nothing to find.

Which Desires Tend To Win Out?
John Maxwell reminds us that even the most solid, consistent leaders will have conflicting desires, but it is the leader's integrity that determines which desires will prevail. You might be able to lie to yourself about your loyalties or hypocrisy, but it's a little harder with concrete actions. Simply ask, "Who was served by that action or decision: me & my desires or God & His desires for my life?"

Like Perry says, we have to make integrity a priority in our lives. Otherwise, the lack of integrity in our lives will become an issue. Remember integrity is about being authentic, but authenticity isn't about perfection; it's about consistency.These questions are fool proof, but it's a good place to start.

How do you check yourself? What questions do you ask yourself? Who do you trust to give you a check-up every once in a while?

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Pastor Waldo said...

Matt: I always try to evaluate myself and talk to others about me. Did what I say make sense? I try to be transparent, because I want people to see that I am real, authentic and am not perfect. Evaluation and honesty of yourself is hard, but as a leader you must do it.