February 5, 2010

LQ-One Last Thought

As I finished up looking through this very familiar story from the life of Moses, I noticed one more thing that is so important to leadership. The Bible says that after Moses identified the right leaders to surround himself with, he "appointed" them to be in charge of different groups within the camp. Moses didn't just give his new leadership team to do lists; he gave them authority. It really would have done Moses no good at all if he didn't empower his team to actually do the work that was keeping him away from his primary role. These leaders didn't have to run to Moses about every case. They went to him when they recognized that the issue was bigger than they were equipped to handle. Otherwise, they took care of it & didn't worry Moses with it.

If you want your ministry or organization to grow, you have to let go of some of it. The only way you can have total control over your following is if you keep it very small. Most leaders want their movements to grow, but they sabotage it themselves by refusing to empower the leaders around them with the authority to lead certain parts of the movement. When you appoint someone else in your ministry, you're bestowing some of your authority to them in order to further the mission & vision of your organization. If you want your Leadership Quotient to grow, you have to be willing to appoint other leaders & to give them the authority to lead.

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