February 17, 2010

Live & Learn

We all know the old saying right? It tells us that some things just have to be learned by experience, but maybe we could turn that old cliche' around in order to be a little more practical. As a parents, leaders, & teachers one of the most frustrating things we face is when the people we're trying to invest in simply don't get it. It drives us crazy because we want to see some kind of forward motion, some kind of progress. Before we dump all the blame on those we're trying to teach, let's look at the old "live & learn" line & reapply it. Look at it this way.

"Live it & they will learn it, but if it's not lived, it won't be learned."

Maybe the reason why there's no growth, no change in those we're trying to lead is because there is no growth or change in us. That's the great disconnect, especially those of us called to lead & teach in the local church. We teach "life changing truth", but our lives fail to demonstrate that change. When Jesus taught His disciples, He didn't allow a sermon outline or lesson plan to limit His teaching. He taught with words & action. Words don't have the same kind of shelf life that actions do. So let your words complement your life, & chances are that you'll see more progress in those you lead.

Where is there a disconnect between your words & actions? In what context do you most need to redefine & reapply the "live & learn" concept?

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