August 14, 2009

Who's Manning The Spotlight?

Remember this: "If the enemy puts the spotlight on your sin, you will be consumed. But if you put the spotlight on your sin, your sin will be consumed."

Sin like to hide in the dark, & we like it that way don't we? After all, we don't want anyone to know. However, you & I must remember that our enemy's plan isn't to simply get you to sin. We're good at that without his help. His goal is to take our sin public, & if you're a leader in ministry, you can bank on that. He's trying to find that thing that he can take public so that he can take you down. He knows that if he keeps the leaders ineffective, the church in general will be ineffective.

So who's got their hands on the spotlight? Is there someone in your life that you can share your struggles with? If you're a leader, are there people who can ask you incredibly difficult questions or call you out when they see you beginning to drift? When you drag your sin into the light, it begins to lose it's power over you. But if the enemy drags that sin into the light, well... I think you know the rest.

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