August 4, 2009

When Good Men Do Nothing

Yesterday I began writing about the question of whether evil is triumphing in our churches. As the old saying goes, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing." My fear is that in so many of our churches & denomination our agendas have replaced God's mission for His people.

Yet everything we need in order to stem the tide is already in place. There are godly men & women already in our churches & ministries who see where we're straying away from what God wants for us, yet they remain silent. I've had conversations with many of these people, & I hear the same thing over & over: "I'm just one person; what difference am I going to make." What follows is that those folks begin to back away from opportunities that they have to affect change in their local churches. When will those who see our recognize both the failures & the solutions rise up & speak up in order to restore the church to its mission?

What we are lacking in so many ministries is courage. Courage in many ways is the essence of leadership. Courage is what establishes one as a leader. It's not having the best idea. A lot of people see problems & have good ideas. Being a leader means standing up & speaking out when everyone else is too afraid to do so.

Our churches desperately need courageous, godly leaders, both pastoral & volunteer. Pastors must find the courage to lead their churches into the mission that God's called them to, not to appease everyone around them. Church members must find the courage to rise up & support these leaders when the naysayers come, & they will come. You are right; you are only one person, but one person who courageously leads can make a lasting difference in this world.

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