August 26, 2009

Are You A Drunk-Part 3

Here's a couple more similarities I noticed between a drunk & being filled with the Spirit as Paul describes in Ephesians

#3-Drunk People Are Passionate People
Have you ever noticed how "enthusiastic" someone is when they've had too much to drink. Some people will tell you how much they love you. Others will talk about the things that they hate. Still others will go on a rant as to why their favorite football team is the absolute best there is (growing up in SEC country, you get to hear lots of this). The bottom line is that because alcohol lowers our inhibitions, we're more likely to act on our passions.

Followers of Christ should be the most passionate people in the world. They should be passionate about bringing Him glory. They should be passionate about introducing others to Him. They should be passionate about seeing His Kingdom expand all over this world. Sadly, that's not exactly what we're known for, is it?

#4-To Stay Drunk, You Have To Keep Drinking
Alcohol's effects eventually wear off, & it's not much fun to be around someone when they wake up with that hang over. In order to feel the effects, they have to keep drinking.

A one time experience with Christ isn't enough for a believer. Just because you had a great worship service this Sunday doesn't negate your need to be filled with His Spirit on Monday & every day after that. Yet that's exactly how we live. A man once told D.L. Moody, "I hope to get enough religion during your meetings to last me the rest of my life." Moody replied, "Did you eat enough breakfast this morning to last you the rest of your life?" I think you get the point.

While Paul warns believers about the effects of alcohol, perhaps there is something we can learn from the analogy. After all, the disciples were mistaken for drunks, & Paul's encouragement was to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit rather than with the power of a drink.

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