August 3, 2009

Is Evil Triumphing?

Edmund Burke has the famous quote, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing." When I heard that line again recently, it made me think about the church. Is evil triumphing in the church because people refuse to do anything about it?

It doesn't take one long to learn that many churches & denominations are at best stagnant & in many cases, they're dying. Other churches struggle with the fallout of some sort of scandal. Meanwhile, there are places where the kingdom is forcefully advancing in ways that many of our churches can't imagine. In fact, many ministries that are struggling resort to attacking ministries that are actually reaching people.

I'm sure there are some who wince at the idea of evil triumphing in the church, but think about it: If we use the church to advance our agenda, aren't we in opposition to God's mission? And if we're in opposition to God, isn't that evil? I'm just saying.

Yet I think the answer to some of these problems is already in our struggling churches & ministries. Later this week I'll go into more detail about how all that is necessary to triumph over evil is already in place; it's simply time for action.

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