May 22, 2009

What Drives Decisions In Your Ministry?

Lately I've witnessed a couple of things & been told stories about situations that made me ask, "How long has it been since churches made decisions based on their mission rather than on personalities?" If the decision making of your ministry is personality driven, then you may not even know it. But try to do something apart from those personalities that is in alignment with your mission as the church & you'll learn really fast whether or not you're a personality driven ministry.

I even heard a small, silly example recently about a church that was recognizing mothers for Mother's Day. They did some of the fun things like recognizing the newest mom & things like that. Well, it just so happened that a couple of the mothers who fell into these specific categories were guests in worship that day. The pastor presented them with a bouquet of flowers. The next day there were people who were upset because "that lady isn't a member". I agree. How dare we recognize & celebrate a guest! Coincidentally, that "guest" is very close to becoming a real part of that church's ministry. Finally, they will be a "member". Next year they can win one of those awards fair & square!

Now that's a silly example of how personalities & not mission can drive your organization. When that happens, you have two choices. First, take drastic steps to realign with your mission. This will be difficult. As the leader, you are the guardian of the vision & mission of your organization, & sometimes you're the only guardian. Your second choice is to close up shop. You might as well close because you will not be fulfilling the mission that you set out to accomplish. You will not solve the problems that your business or ministry was created to address.

In what ways do personalities drive your organization? How can you as the leader begin to get your business or ministry back on mission? Are you willing to pay the costs to do that?

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