May 1, 2009

Are We That Out Of Touch?

Today I was driving down the road & heard that the United States Congress has begun formal investigations into the BCS. For those of you who aren't rabid college football fans, that's the fun but flawed way that we decide who plays for the college football national championship. It's flawed because you don't always get the best two team, but it's fun because of all the lively discussion it creates.

As I heard that story I thought, "Is this really what my government should be spending time & tax dollars on right now?" Supposedly we're in the worst economic downturn ever; although people from the depression era would disagree. Now we've got this swine flu that everybody (including my wife) is afraid will kill them or their children. But our wise government officials (that we elected, ouch) think that taking down the BCS should be a priority. One congressman compared it to communism!

Now I could go on & on about government waste & focusing on the wrong things when so many other big things are going on, but that's not what I do. That's not how I think. My mind went directly to the spiritual correlation. Many, if not most, churches are just as guilty of waste & "misfocus" as our government is. Churches will fight every fight but the one that matters most: eternity. We rant & rave over gay marriage, abortion, & a whole host of other issues while we let our own communities die & go straight to hell. Dealing with all of those issues have its place in the church's mission, but should those really be our frontline battles? Or should we engage our world with the one thing that we have to offer that can't be found anywhere else: Jesus? Maybe I'm wrong; I don't know. I don't think I am, but you never know. Stranger things have happened.

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