March 10, 2009

What If?

I'm preparing right now to re-teach some foundational teachings of what we're about at Revolutions Student Ministries. A lot of it comes from the very familiar Acts 1:8. In this passage, Jesus casts a God-sized vision for His disiciples. He tells a bunch of guys that had never really been that far from home that they would somehow impact the entire world. In some ways, that must have seemed far-fetched, but if you're talking to a guy who has just risen from the dead, you probably don't doubt anything that He says is possible.

The question that I have for my students & really for all of us is "What If We Lived Like We Really Believed What Jesus Said?". I look at my own life & the lives of other Christians around me, & I don't see us living lives that are pursuing this kind of life. In fact, we're happy if we can just keep our own homes afloat, nevermind reaching the world for Christ. Too many times I think we look at these words of Jesus & think that it's simply a nice pep-talk. After all, Jesus was about to leave this revolution He had started in the hands of guys like Simon Peter; you know the loud-mouthed, ear chopping guy. So Jesus had to get them all pumped up right?

But what if Jesus really meant what He said? God's vision & mission has always been global in its scope & eternal in its significance, yet most of us live lives that just want to get by. We don't chase after a call & a mission that even comes close to the mission of Acts 1:8.

What if we did believe Jesus? What would change about how we live right now? What would we stop doing? What would we start doing?

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