March 31, 2009

The Leader's Vision

Last week I read an interesting question, "Is the vision of the leader or the people more important?" Deep stuff huh? And it's probably at the core of most of the problems that many of us face as we lead our organizations & ministries. Today I want to look at the leader's vision.

First & foremost, it cannot be the "leader's vision". If it's the leader's vision, it's not big enough! The leader's vision has to be something that is born out of his or her growing relationship with Christ. As the leader pursues the relationship with Christ, God reveals where He wants to take the leader & the people the leader leads. Leaders, is the vision that we claim to have our vision or is it part of God's greater vision for His people & His Kingdom? We have to answer that questions honestly before we can go any farther.

I believe that the vision that God gives the leader(s) of His church is important because that's how God has designed His church to work. It's also the way that leadership works in organizations outside the church-because it's a basic leadership principle. But that's another post for another day. God wants to use His leader(s) to guide His people toward a Kingdom mission. So it is important, yet it's more important for us as leaders to make sure the vision we are casting is actually a God-sized, God-originated vision. Otherwise, we are taking on good things at the expense of being a part of God things.

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