March 27, 2009


Today I read an interesting question from one of my tweet peeps, Rob Jacobs. He asked, "Whose vision matters most, the leader's or the people that he/she leads?" That little question really got my mind to working. I think if we can answer this question, we can sharpen ourselves as leaders, empower & mobilize our people to get behind the vision, & chances are we will also be able to develop them into the kind of leaders that not only work alongside us, but that also enlist new people to invest in the vision.

But this isn't as easy a question to answer as you might think. I'm going to spend some time really thinking about this because this question has a couple of layers to it that I fear many young leaders like myself overlook, & they end up stuck. Next week I'm going to look at the "leader's vision" & the "people's vision". I want to look at how they're different, how they often work against one another, & how they can work together.

But what's your gut reaction? Whose vision is more important, the leader's vision or the vision of the people?

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