March 27, 2009

Hitting the Links

Here are a few good posts that I ran across this week. You should definitely take the time to read some of these. If you're not following these first two guys regularly, you're missing out on some really cool stuff.

Loved this post from Pastor Steven at Elevation in Charlotte. Really challenging thoughts for so many of us young leaders in ministry. And as a guitar player I really appreciate the metaphor.

You should also read Perry Noble's series of posts on "Four Leadership Myths That Aren't Usually Talked About". I love Perry. He's got a "no holds barred" approach to talking about leadership. Everything is on the table with Perry. These are some good thoughts. Check them out.
Myth #1-Anger Is Ungodly:
Myth #2-You Should Always Say Nice Things:
Myth #3-Confrontation Should Be Avoided At All Costs:
Myth #4-You Must Strive To Be Well Like By Everyone:

One last link from Marshall Goldsmith at the Harvard Business Publishing site. A really great post on spotting the "uncoachable" on your team & what to do when you find them.


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