March 11, 2009

A Sense of Destiny

One of my favorite writer/pastors right now is Mark Batterson. He's relatively new in the book world, but both In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day & Wild Goose Chase were hugely succesful. I enjoyed both of them tremendously & would recommend them to anybody.

One of Mark's biggest themes that you find in his books, blog posts, & teachings is living with a sense of destiny. It's a thread that seems to run consistently through almost everything he does. However, it's a thread that seems to be missing from the fabric of too many believers' lives.

If we really believe what we say we believe, then we should live with a holy sense of destiny, a sense that God has great things in store for us along life's path. Yet so many people live dull, unadventurous lives that look like anything but the abundant life that Jesus promised. Why is that?

Could it be that we haven't fully believed with our lives the things that we believe with our words? When we live it out, we have surrendered ourselves to our faith, & in doing so we find a freedom that words can't really express. It's the surrender/commitment that breaks down all the barriers that might otherwise hold us back.

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