January 2, 2010

Tebow's Grand Finale

Sure it would have been great if it had happened in Pasadena rather than in New Orleans, but it was great to see the story of Tim Tebow's career at Florida end the way it should, with a huge win & an incredible performance by both Tebow & the team. Who knows what Tebow's future in the NFL holds. It's true he has some big hurdles to overcome if he wants to be a big time QB, but like Brian Billick said last night, "I wouldn't bet against this kid." Tebow has the character & leadership ability that will allow him to succeed at almost anything.

However, I think his greatest impact has not been nor will it be on the football field. He has truly allowed football to be a platform to share his faith & impact the lives of people. That's the legacy that matters most, whether you're a star football player, a school teacher, a pastor, a business man, or parent.

What can you do to use wherever you are in life to bring glory to God & blessings to the lives of others?

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