January 6, 2010

Leadership Doesn't Matter

That's what was relayed to me in a conversation recently. The way it went was this, "Leadership isn't important. You either have leaders or you don't; you shouldn't try to make them." I agree with one small part of this statement. We shouldn't try to make leaders; we should seek to develop leaders. There is a difference. First, I believe everyone is a leader because everyone has influence, & influence is leadership. Secondly, I believe it is an issue of stewardship & discipleship when it comes to how we use that influence & how we teach others to use their influence. I also had a couple of questions pop into my head:

If You Believe Leadership Doesn't Matter...
1) What do you do when the "leaders" you have are leading against the vision?

2) How do you communicate to the larger group which "leaders" to follow when there are two groups of leaders leading in opposite directions?

Whether you're in ministry or business, as the leader of the organization, part of your job is to develop other leaders. It's non-negotiable. How well you & I do at that development will impact the long term success of our organization. True, you don't make leaders because they're already there, but as the leader of leaders, you have to draw out leaders who have the potential to expand their influence & who are already exhibiting the kind of character & example that you want to instill in the rest of the organization.

I'd love to get your feedback on the opening quote. What are your reactions to it? What other questions popped into your head as you chewed on it? Does leadership matter?

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