January 7, 2010

The Power Of Passion

Passion is what unites an individual with his or her tribe. The internet has made this connection even more accessible as people who would never cross paths otherwise are able to come together as a result of their common vision & passion.

It's that kind of accessibility & passion that can ignite movements in both our local & virtual communities. Passionate people can leverage tools like Twitter or Facebook to spread ideas, mobilize their tribe, & impact culture. Movements that were previously unlikely or impossible are now practically common.

However, it's not the internet that makes this happen. It's not Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media connection out there. It's still passion. The passion for a way of life, a worldview, or a cause are merely amplified by taking advantage of the latest tools at our disposal to spread our passion to those who will listen & who might engage with us.

How have you seen the power of passion in your own life? In your community? In your online community?

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