January 18, 2010

The Dream

In honor & memory of Dr. King, I thought I'd write a few things reflecting on his most famous words. The reason why Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech lives on in history & in our minds has less to do with how he communicated, which is legendary, than it does with what he communicated. Dr. King's gift for communicating his dream was only surpassed by how big his dream was. That dream has captured the imagination of millions because it's not just his dream, it's really the dream of everyone. The reason why it has been a rallying cry is because it was a dream that Dr. King could not realize on his own. It was a dream for everyone, "black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics," to pursue. That's why his words will live on for generation & generation to come.

I have a dream too, a dream for God's church, & I pray that my dream for the church is in line with what God dreams for His church.

I dream of a church who is so in love with Christ that we are truly being transformed into His likeness.

I dream of a church who is so viral that no community will be immune to the transformation that is taking place.

I dream of a church who puts the movement of God ahead of the methods of men.

I dream of church leaders who are willing to lead no matter the cost.

I dream of a church who sees beyond yesterday & today to see where God is leading tomorrow.

I dream of a church who truly sees our mission as one that is global in scope & eternal in significance

Notice I referred to the church as a "who". That's because the church is us, you & me. It's not merely an it, an institution. It is as alive as we allow ourselves to be in Christ.

What are your dreams for the church?

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