July 24, 2009

What Do You Say?

Right now I'm spending a lot of time trying to figure out what I'm going to say in a week & a half at my final worship with our students. And for the first time in my ministry, I'm speechless. As a preacher/teacher, I usually have plenty to say. I love planning & preparing to teach students, but for this occasion, I have no clue what to say.

What do you say to a group of students that you've walked with through some truly transforming years in their lives? What do you say to students that you've poured yourself into for years? How do you boil down everything you want to say into something that they need to hear? Oh yeah, it would be nice if they would remember it for more than an hour too!

For those of you who have been in positions like this, what advice do you have for me? What's the one thing that I have to pass on in my last opportunity to speak to most of these students?

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