July 17, 2009

In The Eye Of The Uncertainty Storm

Last time I wrote a bit about uncertainty & how to deal with it in your ministry or organization. Lately I've been reading lots of articles & listening to a lot of teaching on the subject because I've found myself in the middle of the "uncertainty storm". As I'm writing this I'm in the process of transitioning out of my current place of ministry & into the next step that God has for me & my family as we follow Him. Trust me, it's a lot easier to talk about uncertainty when you're talking about someone else's uncertainty. When it's you & your family that's weathering the storm, it feels completely different.

Yet it's not different. All of the principles that I wrote about & that I've read about recently still apply. The only difference is how it feels. It's important to process the emotions involved in a transition like this, but if you become overwhelmed by them, you can become crippled by them. It's OK to shed tears over the people you'll miss, the experiences that you won't get to be a part of, but it's also important to remember that the future God has for us is one of victory as long as we keep in step with Him.

As I move on into whatever the next step holds for me & my family, my plan looks very much like what I laid out in my last post. I plan to hold onto the vision & calling that God has given me for my ministry. While I don't know what the exact next move is, I do know what God has called me to. Therefore, I can discern the path I should take based on whether it will enable or inhibit my fulfilling that vision & calling.

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