September 9, 2009

Your Leadership Timelines

Lately I've been thinking about the concept of our timeline as leaders. Typically we think of that in terms of how long we are in one particular place of leadership. However, I think there are two leadership timelines that we have to be aware of.

First, is our positional timeline. This is the traditional way of looking at leadership. This is 4 or 5 years that you actually spent on the ground directly leading a ministry or organization. This is your time as the Senior Pastor or the Manager. This timeline is very concrete. It is fixed in time. One day you will move on to another arena of leadership. It's unavoidable.

Yet there is another timeline to consider. It's our legacy timeline. This timeline is not as easy to define. In fact, your legacy timeline, in large part, will be determined by you & how you lead. This is not an either/or proposition. All of us will have both a positional & a legacy timeline. The question we have to ask is, "Which timeline do I want to be longer?"

Next time we'll look in a little more detail at how we can impact these timelines in our leadership.

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