April 14, 2009

People Have To Believe In You Before They Believe In Christ

Last night I was watching the Andy Griffith show, & Andy said something that really caught my attention. Opie had a new friend, Mr. McBeevee (classic episode by the way). Andy had never met him & Opie's description of him definitely put him in the world of make believe. When confronted with the question "So you believe in Mr. McBeevee?", Andy responded, "No, but I do believe in Opie."

That exchange grabbed me. My experience has taught me that before people will believe in the Jesus that we talk about & read about they have to believe in His followers. They have to see authenticity, compassion, faithfulness, & life change. When they can believe in the Christ followers in their life (and many times it only takes one), they are one step closer to believing in Christ Himself.

Are we as followers living out a compelling picture of what it means to know Jesus? Are we as leaders leading & equipping our people to live lives that the world can believe in?

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