April 3, 2009

The Most Important Vision

Over the last week I've been contemplating that question, "Whose vision is more important, the leader's or the people's?" And my conclusion is that neither the leader nor the people necessarily have the most important vision. If the vision of an organization, especially that of a church or ministry, isn't the vision that God has given them, then it is not the most important vision.

It's easy for either the leader or the larger group to think they have the right vision for the group's future. However, I also know that too often the tension over vision isn't about what is right but who gets to be right. Unfortunately this can even happen when one or more people in the group actually do have a sense of God's vision for them, yet if all of us aren't pursuing God's will & vision for us, we can quickly digress into an argument that will begin to erode the work that God is doing in us & wants to do through us.

The prescription for this dilemma: A Collective Pursuit of God's Will, Not Our Own & A Mutual Submission To One Another, Not An Assumption Of Our Own Wisdom.

Easy right? No, simple-yes, but easy-no. In order for our churches to go with God, we must continually remind one another that we are all part of God's work , & we must be willing to admit that we're not always right. Our vision isn't always the right direction. The only vision that should consume us is the one that God lays on His people. The process He uses is usually through leadership. Therefore leadership has to be willing to wait, to a point, for God's people. Afterall, it's not just about God's vision; it's also about God's timing for His vision

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