February 12, 2009

Student Leadership Retreat Weekend

This weekend is pretty crammed for me. Friday, my family is heading to Knoxville, TN for a wedding. The best part of that will definitely be watching my little girl, Julia, walk down the aisle as a flower girl. She's done it before, but she has a better idea of what she's supposed to be doing this time around. That will be a highlight.

Then on Sunday afternoon immediately following the morning worship service, I'll be loading up with a small group of my student leaders & heading to the mountains of north GA for a really quick leadership retreat. This will be an intense, focused time for us to learn from God's word how we can continually grow & be sharpened as leaders. Along with some wide open discussion time, we'll be focusing in on the life & leadership of Gideon. Most of us who have grown up in church world know the basics of Gideon's story, but when you really begin to peel away the "Sunday School" version & start digging into the meat of what God did in this guy's life, you will find some jewels in the arena of spiritual leadership. Next week, I'll be posting some of the lessons that we will look at over the course of our retreat, but since I don't want to steal my own thunder in the event that some of my students may look at this, I'll hold off for now.

If you're looking for some other good stuff in the area of spiritual leadership, check out http://www.stevenfurtick.com/ . He has really had some good stuff going on lately. I love watching from afar as God does some awesome stuff in Charlotte through Elevation Church.

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