February 20, 2009

Leadership Lessons From The First "300"

Over President's Day weekend I had the great honor of taking some of our student leaders to the mountains of north Georgia for an intense weekend of leadership development. God really spoke to them over the course of the retreat, & it seems that they have a fresh perspective & a renewed sense of purpose in their faith & leadership.

We looked at the life & leadership of Gideon in Judges 6-8 for our Bible study. Over the next several days I want to unpack some of the stuff that I pulled out of this passage both for me & for my student leaders. I want to keep it brief & let you go to the story of Gideon & allow God to unpack the rest for yourself.

Here are the core things I picked up on as I dug into this story with fresh eyes:

1) God Uses The Unlikely To Lead
2) Godly Leadership Begins In Our Closest Relationships
3) Even Leaders Doubt, But They Don't Have To Doubt The One Who Called Them.
4) God Uses The Fearlessly Focused Faithful Few In The Battle
5) Facing Opposition Requires Both Wisdom & Strength
6) Leaders Must Beware Of The Subtle Traps That Are Set For Them

Next week, I'll go into these ideas in more detail, but I encourage you to go read the story of Gideon. Approach it as if you've never heard one word of it. See it with fresh eyes; hear it with fresh ears, & God will reveal some amazing truths to you.

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