December 5, 2006

Why Epic Calling?

You might wonder what the name of my blog is all about so here is an explanation. A lot of people live small lives. They're content with the simple routine of going to work everyday & just being another person on this planet. Those same people often wish there was something bigger for them; I believe one writer called that existence a life of "quiet desperation". They want something more, but they dare not dream that it could actually be.

I believe that there is something more for us than just simply existing. I believe that in Jesus Christ, we are called to live big lives, epic lives. We are part of a huge story that is continually unfolding. The story of God & humanity has been being written since the beginning of time, & here is the great thing: that story involves us, you & me. It is about our attempts to find that deep meaning in life, but in the end many of us sell out & accept a cheap substitute. The victory comes when we discover that the big life comes when we're in fellowship with God. Unfortunately our lives are marred with something called sin. Simply put, it's disobedience to God. That's the bad; the good news is that Jesus Christ has bridged the gap that sin creates. He made Himself to be a sacrifice that would take on the penalty for our disobedience so that we could be reconciled. It's like somebody choosing to pay a massive fine for all your unpaid parking tickets, but on a deeper, spiritual level.

If you've been searching for meaning in your life, if you've thought there was more to life than simply sucking up oxygen, you're right. It's out there; it can be yours. Simply surrender your will to God & allow Him to open your eyes to the epic calling He has placed on your life.

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