December 5, 2006

Go Gators!!!!

My beloved Florida Gators will be playing Ohio State on January 8th for the National Title. Needless to say I'm pretty excited about this. I know a lot of people out there probably think that Michigan got the shaft in this whole process, but if you think about it Florida would have had the same complaint. No, the Gators did not blow people out very much this year, but the bottom line was, they won games. They played the toughest schedule in the country & made it through with only one loss. Many Michigan fans conveniently forget their own narrow escapes against teams like Ball State & Penn State. They point merely to a blow out of an overly hyped Notre Dame team & the so called close loss to Ohio State. I watched the game against Ohio State & it wasn't nearly as close as a lot of people want to believe it was. Ohio State was in the driver's seat the entire time. When the Wolverines got close, Troy Smith made big plays. Then Mike Hart has the nerve to criticize the Buckeye defense saying, "there's nothing special about them". Excuse me, but if there's nothing special about them, what's that say about the heralded Michigan defense? They gave up big points & big time yardage & couldn't keep up with Smith at all.

I agree Michigan is a great football team, but so is Florida. Florida had a tough loss against Auburn on the road mid-way through the season. In that game however, the Florida defense didn't surrender a single point. Urban Meyer, the Gators' coach, said it best: Florida's style points come on defense. They shut down a lot of offenses that other teams couldn't even slow down. The game against Arkansas is proof of that.

The issue isn't who is more deserving. Both teams are great. I believe that Michigan could beat Ohio State, but they didn't when they had the chance, & it hurt them in the end. The problem is really with the system. The BCS formula is great in that it makes every game matter. It keeps us talking all season long, but in the end somebody loses without getting a chance to win on the field. Using the BCS formula to set up a playoff or a "plus one" format is obviously the way to go, but the people in charge are obviously too boneheaded to see it. Every fan in America knows it, but these people who are on the inside are either blind or are willfully ignoring the obvious.

The thing that could blow up the BCS is this: Florida beats Ohio State, Michigan blasts USC, & Boise State pounds Oklahoma. Then we're left with the Gators hoisting the crystal ball, Michigan possibly winning the AP National Championship, & Boise State left as the only undefeated team. That might be a big enough mess to make the "experts" do something to prevent this same stuff in the future. So let's enjoy the games & hope for a big time mess that the BCS officials will have to clean up.

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