May 22, 2010

Hitting The Links

It's been awhile since I highlighted some of the stuff that I've read that I think you should check out too. So here are just a few links to some good stuff.

Craig Groeschel did a series of posts on honor this week. Two of them were particularly good.
To Highly Esteem
Honoring Your Church Leaders
These posts from Craig are really good. I think that in the case of church's, most of the stagnant, lifeless ministries could begin to be cured simply by honoring those that God positions in leadership.

Here's an interesting post from leadership & marketing guru, Seth Godin. In Good at Talking vs. Good at Doing, Seth stresses the need for action over & above talking. I'm pretty sure most ministries & ministry leaders need to read this.

Parents should check out Airplane Mode from Reggie Joiner. Reggie is doing some great things for family ministry & is a voice that both ministry leaders & parents should be listening to.

Who else or what else are you reading that I should know about?

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