January 6, 2009

Moving My Blog Back Here

After trying out the blog features of the new pastors.com website, I've decided to move my blog back to the blogger.com site. First, the traffic & user friendly nature of pastors.com has seriously declined. It's just not the network that it once was. The updates they made to the site to me is good example of how change isn't always the best thing for an organization. Secondly, I wanted my blog to be in a place where it might be stumbled upon by just about anybody, & that wasn't going to happen at pastors.com.

However there are some really good posts (of course I am a little biased) on the pastors.com blog so I want to give you a link to those blog posts: http://pastors.com/blogs/bowman/default.aspx
I would really encourage you to go by there & read through some of those posts.


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