January 9, 2007

It's Great To Be A Florida Gator

Well, the main reason that this is on my blog is so that my wife doesn't have to listen to me go on & on about my beloved Gators! Last night was awesome. The Gators played their best game of the year in the biggest game of the year. Chris Leak looked more like a Heisman winner than Troy Smith did, but the Gators' defensive line had a lot to do with that. In a way I felt bad for Smith because from what I've seen & heard of him, he is a good kid who has worked so hard to achieve all that he has. The bottom line was that last night his offensive line had no chance to block the big, strong, & fast Gators. Smith & the rest of the team looked stunned. You could see they had never faced a defense like Florida, & they weren't really sure how to get back on track.

I think I was most happy for Chris Leak. The Gator QB has had an up & down career. He had to start as a true freshman. After his second season, his coach left, & he had to learn a new & highly complex system that didn't utilize his abilities. Then this year he was booed on his home field as he came in to replace the freshman who will fill his shoes next season. All the while Leak was the consumate professional. He said all the right things & did all the right things even though you know it had to weigh on him personally. Last night it all paid off. He managed that game flawlessly. He took what the defense gave him. He threw the ball away when he had to & even took sacks rather than do something reckless. Most people don't realize that he holds many of Florida's QB records, & there have been some great ones play there. His record against their biggest rivals is one of the best in school history, but it wasn't until last night that he finally got the love & respect from the media & even from Florida fans that he has deserved for 4 years. He will be missed next year. Tim Tebow is going to be great, but he probably won't be great immediately.

I'm already stoked about next season. Tebow is exciting even though he is inexperienced, but most of those defensive players will be back next year, along with many key offensive players. The Gators will surely have another stellar recruiting class on the heels of this championship, so the future is bright for the Gator Nation.

Go Gators!!!


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